SDPKSocial Democratic Party of Kazakhstan
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SDPK party rents 5 offices in the Media Forum building, which was frozen and sealed off in connection with the criminal probe launched against ex-President Almazbek Atambayev since August 9 by the investigator of the military prosecutor's office.
In ystanbul, just 160 Kyrgyz citizens voted, with the majority of the votes going to the SDPK. Similarly, in Ankara the SDPK picked up the most votes out of all parties.
Also, SDPK approved the bill on ratification of the agreement to finance the project improving pasture management and livestock breeding signed between Kyrgyzstan and the International Development Association for $15 million.
- MP Irina Karamushkina;- MP Asel Koduranova;- former MP Ravshan Jeenbekov;- Former GKNB head Abdil Segizbayev;- Former Prosecutor General Azimbek Beknazarov;- former MP Mehribek Miskenbayev;- Atambayev's son Seid Atambayev;- Atambayev's nephew Nurbek Sharshenov;- Kunduz Joldubayeva, spokesperson of the SDPK party;- General Director of April TV channel Dmitry Lozhnikov;- SDPK representative Temirlan Sultanbekov;- Ermek Okenov, member of the SDPK political council;- 2 employees of the State Security Service of the National Security Committee;- Nazgul Mamytova, editor of the newspaper Achik Sayasat and her husband Farhad Borukeev;- representative of the youth wing of the SDPK Kunduz Ajibekova;- journalist Mirbek Aitikeev.
"We demand from the authorities of Kyrgyzstan to stop political persecutions of SDPK members and representatives of the people's headquarters, to provide medical assistance to all injured, to find those guilty of the murder of the special task force officer.
Thus, according to preliminary data the new Parliament will be formed by 6 parties: SDPK, Respunlika - Ata-Jurt, Kyrgyzstan, Onuguu-Progress, Bir Bol and Ata Meken.
Since I am member of the SDPK political party, I must obey all its decisions," the MP said.
The pranker introduced himself as a senior officer of the President's Office and called to Asel Koduranova (SDPK party member) and promised to arrange a meeting with Almazbek Atambayev.
SDPK faction nominates Vice PM for Social Affairs to post of Education Minister
Hopefully, she will direct all energy and creativity to restore reputation of the Ministry and complete reform of the education sector," said Chynybai Tursunbekov, the SDPK leader.
The newspaper asked the Prosecutor General why the body launches criminal proceedings against members of all factions except for SDPK.