SDPMSoftware Development Project Management
SDPMSocial Democratic Party of Macedonia
SDPMSoftware Development Process Model
SDPMSystem Development and Project Management
SDPMSan Diego Precision Machining Inc. (California)
SDPMSelf-Driven Particle Model
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We compare the proposed approach LDA-FEK with several state-of-the-art approaches: SDPM [32], DML-eig.
Retrieval performance over Corel5K dataset Algorithm MAP (mean average precision) standard deviation (AP) SDPM [32] 0.
Again, the SDPM contains mechanisms capable of overcoming groupthink symptoms by providing an analysis framework for the systematic appraisal of alternative development platforms.
The SDPM provides a community oriented development tool through which power can be (re)distributed to create DPS that aim to increase community participation and process ownership whilst being inclusive of public sector agents.
The time intervals FLSD and SDPM, on the other hand, were somewhat smaller than typical generic MG values (Tables 4 and 5).
To attain high yield, the high yielding cultivars should be characterized by high values for X1 (LFMAX and THRESH) or high values for X2 (FLSH, FLSD, SDPM, SFDUR, and PODUR) or moderately high values for both.
SDPM [35] learns Mahalanobis distance through formulating it as a convex optimization problem.
For compared approaches, we referred to the results for Xing's [32], DCA [2], SDPM [35], DML-eig.
For the second search dimension, we developed a second pseudo variable X2 (-1 to +1) that jointly shifted cultivar "life cycle" coefficients (FLSH, FLSD, SDPM, SFDUR, and PODUR) that affected grain yield by starting pod and seed growth sooner or later within the previously fixed time from anthesis to maturity (Table 1).
Simultaneously, SDPM shows competitive performance with DCA.
SDPM standardizes the process of developing network applications that employ multimedia technology.
Our cooperative efforts with Bellcore will strengthen SDPM and help make financial transactions on-line a reality.