SDPPSocial Development Partnerships Program (Canada)
SDPPSpray-Dried Plasma Protein
SDPPStructured Determinantal Point Process (computer model)
SDPPSite Data Protection Program (MasterCard)
SDPPSocial Democrat Populist Party (Turkey)
SDPPStormwater Discharge Permit Program (Austin, TX)
SDPPSonoran Desert Protection Plan (Arizona)
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The goats in the SDPP group were housed in a dark shed (there was no light in the shed, and ventilators were used to circulate air) with less than 0.1 lux of opacity and good air conditions from 16:00 pm to 9:00 am daily (exposing the goats to 17 h of dark and 7 h of light (17 dark:7 light).
Full geometry optimization were carried out for all the monomers (DVB, DEB, and SDPP) and polymers (SDPP-PPV and SDPP-PPE) using Becke's three-parameter Lee-Yang-Parr hybrid functional (B3LYP) [42, 43] and triple-zeta 6-311+G(d,P) [44, 45] basis sets by Gaussian 09 program [46].
During the years of Ukraine's independence, only one new boiler was built with CFL at the Starobeshevskaya TPP, and only one pulverized coal boiler was reconstructed at Zmievskaya TPP (SDPP) using modern high-efficiency technology [19].
Similar results were found for SDPP, participants in the MDD group exhibited an elevated SDPP value of 8.31 [+ or -] 0.88 mmHg, while it was only 2.40 [+ or -] 0.41 mmHg for participants in the control group (p < 0.0001) as shown in Table 4.
Compared with the control group, plasma lysine (P=0.052) and methionine (P=0.082) tended to decrease in the SDPP and YE groups, but plasma isoleucine increased significantly both in the SDPP and YE groups (P<0.01), and plasma valine only increased in the YE group (P<0.05), and leucine tended to increase in the SDPP and YE groups; plasma glutamate and glutamine concentrations decreased by 20.5% (P=0.07) and 19.02% (P=0.08) in the weanling piglets from YE group.
Within the world of social service provision, the SDPP's approach to homelessness was innovative for its time.
Based in Surrey, SDPP is run by disabled people for disabled people, working towards greater social empowerment and integration within local communities.
The session proceeded with Ismail Cem speaking on behalf of SDPP, emphasizing that he spoke on behalf of his group and not the government.
As Table 2 shows, three common themes are woven through the CAPC, the CSHA, the NCPS, the NHI, and the SDPP: individual responsibility, community building, and research.
In March 2004, the DHS inspector general (DHS IG) issued a report titled "An Audit of Distributing and Spending 'First Responder' Grant Funds." (9) The impetus for the report were numerous complaints by grant recipients regarding slow distribution by DHS of awarded funds under the State Domestic Preparedness Program (SDPP), the State Homeland Security Grant Program (SHSGP), and the State Homeland Security Grant Program Part II (SHSGP II).
Suleyman Demirel and Ismet Inonu, the leaders of the opposition True Path Party (TPP) and the Social Democratic Populist Party (SDPP) respectively frequented meetings with representatives of business associations and chambers.
She may also want to opt for a snap election trying to cash in on her present popularity and novelty and thus kill two birds with one stone -- winning power for the TPP without its junior coalition partner, the centre left SDPP (the Social Democratic Populist party), whose ageing leader Erdal Inonu is also making way for a younger candidate, and at the same time forging a possible realignment of the centre-right even with the now-depleted Motherland (Anap) party of Turgut Ozal.