SDPUCSouth Dakota Public Utilities Commission
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According to state law, a customer has a right to join with 24 other customers to file a written objection to a rate increase, request that the SDPUC suspend the rate increase, and hold a public hearing to determine if the rate increase should be allowed (SDCL 49-43A-12).
NSP-Minnesota - South Dakota 2012 Electric Rate Case --On June 29, 2012, NSP-Minnesota filed a request with the SDPUC to increase South Dakota electric rates by $19.
While they have determined that their approval is not required in this instance, we feel our existing stipulated agreement together with existing public utility statutes provides the SDPUC and our customers in South Dakota with assurances that we will continue to provide the quality service and local presence they expect from NorthWestern," said Mike Hanson, President and CEO - NorthWestern Energy.
We look forward to continuing the positive relationship we have had with the SDPUC and their staff and, following the completion of the sale, demonstrating our commitment as a long-term investor.
In October, NorthWestern and BBIL had reached a stipulated agreement with the SDPUC to withdraw its opposition to the approval of the sale in the FERC proceeding.
Due to existing statutory language in South Dakota, the Company's filing requests the SDPUC to determine if it has jurisdiction over the sale and, if so, for transaction approval.
Under the terms of the agreement and providing all conditions in the agreement are satisfied, the SDPUC will not oppose the pending transaction at the federal level.
Due to existing statutory language in South Dakota, NorthWestern and BBIL filed with the SDPUC a petition for declaratory ruling and for transaction approval if the regulatory agency determined it had jurisdiction over the sale.
The SDPUC expects to make a decision on whether or not it has jurisdiction to approve the sale in October 2006.