SDQSanto Domingo, Dominican Republic - Las Americas (Airport Code)
SDQSi Dios Quiere (Spanish: If God Wants)
SDQStrengths and Difficulties Questionnaires
SDQSexual Disaster Quartet (band)
SDQService Delivery & Quality
SDQSterling Divinity Quadrangle (Yale University)
SDQSales Diagnostic Questionnaire
SDQSûreté du Québec (French: Quebec Provincial Police)
SDQStandard Deviation Related to Quality
SDQShip Destination Quantity (electronic data interchange)
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Apos a assinatura do Termo de Consentimento Livre e Esclarecido, os pais ou responsaveis, em sessao individual, responderam por escrito ao SDQ, na presenca de uma psicologa.
In the current study, we administered the parentrated version of the SDQ to the parents of a large community sample (n=22,108) of urban and rural primary school students from eight provinces of China, assessed the relationship of the SDQ subscale scores to various demographic factors, and used the results to recommend cutoff scores for identifying high-risk children in China.
Dominios do SDQ Criancas infectadas HIV Mediana Minimo Maximo Sintomas emocionais 4 1 10 Problemas de comportamento 3 0 8 Problemas com colegas 1 0 7 Hiperatividade 4 1 9 Comportamento pro-social 8 2 10 Dominios do SDQ Criancas sem doenca cronica Mediana Minimo Maximo Sintomas emocionais 4 0 8 Problemas de comportamento 2 0 8 Problemas com colegas 3 0 8 Hiperatividade 6 0 10 Comportamento pro-social 9 2 10 Comparacao (*) Dominios do SDQ Valores de p Sintomas emocionais 0,3859 Problemas de comportamento 0,4920 Problemas com colegas 0,0250 Hiperatividade 0,2578 Comportamento pro-social 0,3228 (*) Teste U de Mann-Whitney TABELA 2: Valores de mediana, minimo e maximo e valores de p relativos aos escores obtidos pelas criancas dos dois grupos no Teste do Desenho da Figura Humana.
An evaluation of the pilot B4 School Check programme trialled in Counties Manukau and Whanganui DHBs reported that, of all the tests, the SDQ had the lowest rate of referral at 1.
Third, we examined the relationship between the ESQUIZO-Q subscales and the SDQ subscales by means of Pearson correlations.
Goodman (1994) adapted the Rutter Scale to develop the SDQ.
Six social workers were trained to administer the IES -13 and SDQ by the author and inter- ratter reliability of 80% was obtained before they were allowed to administer the instruments.
This questionnaire pack contained the SDQ, the abbreviated Conners and a qualitative tool designed for the study.
Perhaps the lower SDQ scores reflect behavioral problems that adversely affect breastfeeding.
Mother/child pairs from non white and mixed ethnic groups were excluded due to a considerable proportion (36%-41%) of these not responding to the SDQ.