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An overview of the carer, teacher and self-rated strengths and difficulties (SDQ) scores for the 41 looked after children is shown in Table 1.
When the SDQ total difficulties scores for the looked after children participants were compared to the SDQ norms for the general population, identified needs were higher for the looked after group (see Table 2).
There were significant positive correlations between carer-rated and teacher-rated SDQ total scores (p = <0.0005), carer-rated and self-rated SDQ total scores (p = <0.01) and teacher-rated and self-rated SDQ total scores (p = 0.006).
Pre-care experiences were analysed in relation to carers, teachers and self-rated SDQ total difficulties scores.
There was a statistically significant relationship in the teachers' total SDQ scores and parental substance misuse (p = 0.044).
Post-care experiences were also analysed in relation to the SDQ scores of carers, teachers and self-reporters.
(2009) reported higher scores for total difficulties, conduct, and hyperactivity for boys using the parent SDQ with Pakistani children, but teacher SDQ scores for the same children found gender differences for only the hyperactivity and prosocial scales, where boys had a higher incidence of problems.
We aimed to assess differences in the scores on the SDQ as a function of informant version and also to examine gender differences in scores across informants.
We used all three versions of the Australian SDQ for people aged between 11-17 years; teacher, parent, and self-report versions for each participating child.
Information was then included in the school newsletter a week before the research pack containing the parent and child SDQ and a consent form was sent home.
SDQ data were coded in Excel[R] according to instructions provided on the SDQ website py/sdqinfo/
(2004) recommend that if two informant versions of the SDQ are to be used, then the best combination is teacher and parent.