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SDRSoftware Defined Radio (interoperable cellular technology)
SDRSpecial Drawing Rights (of the International Monetary Fund)
SDRSingle Data Rate (semiconductors/memory/RAM)
SDRStrategic Defence Review (British government report)
SDRStandard Dimension Ratio (pipe specification; ratio of diameter to wall thickness)
SDRSüddeutscher Rundfunk (now defunct Southern German Radio Station; merged with SWF to SWR)
SDRSystem Design Review
SDRSelective Dorsal Rhizotomy
SDRSupply Discrepancy Report
SDRSession Directory
SDRService Difficulty Report
SDRSensor Data Record
SDRSatellite Digital Radio (ETSI standard)
SDRSpoken Document Retrieval
SDRSony Dream Robot
SDRSediment Delivery Ratio
SDRSecretaría de Desarrollo Rural (Spanish: Ministry of Rural Development; Mexico)
SDRSociété de Développement Régional (French: regional development company)
SDRSubcommittee on Disaster Reduction (MCEER)
SDRSoftware Design Review
SDRStreaming Data Request
SDRStop Drop and Roll
SDRSignal-to-Distortion Ratio
SDRSantander, Spain - Santander (Airport Code)
SDRSystem of Distinct Representatives
SDRStandardized Death Rate (cancer)
SDRStandard Drawing Rights
SDRState-Dependent Routing
SDRSupplier Deviation Request (various companies)
SDRSystem Development Requirement
SDRStandard Diameter Ratio (pipe)
SDRSign-Difference Ratio
SDRSoftware Discrepancy Report
SDRSystem Dynamic Range
SDRStatistical Data Recorder
SDRStorage Data Register
SDRStudent Dining Room (Moody Bible Institute)
SDRSurveillance Detection Route
SDRSubeconomic Demonstrated Resources (Australian mining)
SDRStrategic Data Retention (document management; Atlanta, GA)
SDRSurrogate Digital Radio
SDRSession Detail Record
SDRSurveillance Detection Run
SDRSupply Demand Review
SDRSplash Detection Radar
SDRSmall Development Requirement
SDRSoftware Development Review (Microsoft)
SDRSequence Determined Redundancy
SDRSex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll
SDRSubsystem Design Review
SDRSystolic Diastolic Ratio
SDRSource Directed Requirement
SDRSingle Design Review
SDRSoftware Development Request
SDRSchedule Delete Request
SDRSubsystem Design Requirement
SDRSoftware Deficiency Report
SDRSpatial Data Repository
SDRSignal Data Recorder
SDRSystems Data Resources (University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston)
SDRService Defect Rate
SDRShared Data Repository (data warehousing concept)
SDRSurrogate Data Radio
SDRService Driven Routing
SDRStandard Distribution of Resistance
SDRSample Discrepancy Report
SDRShipping Destination Room
SDRSonar Data Recorder
SDRSurface Duct Receiver
SDRStrange Dave Rosenberg (Long Island, New York band)
SDRSuper Data Rate
SDRState Department Request
SDRSupplemental Definition of Requirement
SDRStress/Design Report
SDRSubcontractor Disposition Request
SDRSingle Donation Record (records kept with each volunteer blood donation)
SDRSurveillance, Data Recording and Reprographics (Kodak)
SDRSame Day Resolution
SDRSignal Data Reproducer
SDRSpatial Diversity Receiver
SDRService Discrepancy Report (replaced Report of Deficiency, ROD)
SDRSlam Dunk Records (Lusaka, Zambia)
SDRSwap Data Repository (finance)
SDRStaged Data Repository
SDRStandard Direct Receiver
SDRSecret Decoder Ring (various meanings)
SDRSveriges Dövas Riksförbund (Swedish: Swedish Association of the Deaf)
SDRSales Development Representative (various companies)
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The IMF said the new SDR interest rate, which will become effective on 10 January 2011, will reflect the new valuation basket as well as the exchange rates and interest rates that prevail at the time of each weekly determination of the interest rate on the SDR.
You can submit your SDR online using the Army Electronic Product Support (AEDS) website.
Electronic follow-ups were not sent to the shipper: If the shipper did not provide disposition of the material SDR, another copy of the SF-364 indicating that this copy was a follow-up was printed.
SDR also has prototype systems for other government functions such as liquor control and professional and business licensing.
As SDR technology evolves and matures, the Wireless Innovation Forum has identified both strong use cases for SDR technology across multiple markets, as well as a continuing need for SDR market studies to validate the technology and product strategies of the ecosystem and the investment community," said Mr.
On December 1, 2015, IMF announced that RMB will join the SDR basket on October 1, 2016, which marks an important milestone in the process of RMB internalization.
The liability for delay in carriage for each person is proposed to be raised from 4,150 SDR to 4,694 SDR while the liability in case of destruction, loss, damage or delay of baggage is proposed to be raised from 1,000 SDR to 1,131 SDR, according to the Bill.
The most recent application (as of this writing) to become part of the eBusiness Suite is the SDR Status Center (Figure 3).
The report analyzes SDR standardization, regulatory issues, as well as applications and markets.
Experts pointed out that SDR-denominated bond can further expand the usage of SDR-denominated assets, increase the attractiveness of SDR as the ultra-sovereign reserve currency and improve international currency system.
We are very excited to have Huawei as a member organization," said Lee Pucker, CEO of The SDR Forum.
The first issuance amounts to 500 million SDR with a term of 3 years.