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SDRAMSynchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
SDRAMStandard Dynamic Random Access Memory (computing)
SDRAMSynchronous Direct Random Access Memory
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AMD uses chipsets from Via Technologies which support DDR SDRAM but not RDRAM.
Although SDRAM is only now becoming popular, Simple Technology has designed proprietary upgrades for the Toshiba Tecra 700, the first personal computer to use the new SDRAM technology.
Micron offers a broad range of DDR SDRAM products to meet the diverse needs of desktop, portable, networking and graphics applications.
With the performance and value of SDRAM, we expect system manufacturers to rapidly adopt the SDRAM technology," stated Mike Moshayedi, president of Simple Technology, Inc.
Eureka Technology has provided SDRAM controller solutions to customers for over 10 years," said Simon Lau, President of Eureka Technology.
The volume availability now of these high-speed memory modules further strengthens Samsung's position as the leading producer of DDR SDRAM memory devices.
While we believe it appropriate that the Commission did not reach DDR2, GDDR2, or succeeding generations, we are nevertheless disappointed that the Commission's remedy with respect to SDRAM and DDR SDRAM continues to ignore the extensive findings of fact made by its own Chief Administrative Law Judge McGuire," said Tom Lavelle, senior vice president and general counsel for Rambus.
Micron's new BAT-RAMs are designed to consume less power than standard SDRAMs, and extend the battery life in many mobile and wireless applications.
Among 512-Megabit products, the technology has made possible the world's smallest chip size for a 512-Megabit DDR2 SDRAM.
Nor has it determined precisely which PC makers bought the defective motherboards and configured them with SDRAM rather than the higher-speed Rambus-DRAM, or RDRAM, that is typically paired with the 820 chips.
If a DDR/DDR2 SDRAM solution is required, the DDR/DDR2 PHY and memory controller core are placed in the CX6000 fabric as a firm macro with guaranteed performance.
The first deliveries of DDR SDRAM are being shipped to NVIDIA Corp.