SDRBSociété de Développement pour la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale (Belgium)
SDRBSoftware Design Review Board
SDRBShow De Ruben Blades
SDRBSpecifications and Data Review Board
SDRBSocial Desirability Response Bias
SDRBStrategic Development Research Bureau
SDRBSan Diego Republican Businesswomen (San Diego, CA)
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However, particularly in the case of the cheating instrument used in the present study, the potential for biasing by Social Desirable Response Bias still exists since SDRB was not measured by the authors.
1995, 1996), SDRB was measured by the difference between the mean responses to the "you" and "your colleagues" questions.
SDRB is also described as maintaining a "holier than thou" ethical perception (Tyson 1990, 715), and is a pervasive problem in behavioral ethics research (Rossi et al.