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SDRCStructural Dynamics Research Corporation
SDRCSan Diego Regional Center (San Diego, CA)
SDRCState Development and Reform Commission (China)
SDRCSan Diego Rowing Club (San Diego, CA)
SDRCSocial Development Research Center (De La Salle University-Manila)
SDRCSouth Davis Recreation Center (Bountiful, UT)
SDRCSouthern Dharma Retreat Center (North Carolina)
SDRCSan Diego Roadster Club (San Diego, CA)
SDRCScottish Drugs Recovery Consortium (UK)
SDRCSan Diego and Riverside Counties (California)
SDRCSeparation/Divorce Resource Center (Ontario, Canada)
SDRCSchool District Report Card (education)
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SDRC has utilized its competencies in systems engineering, waveforms, networks and management to build areas of expertise encompassing advanced modems, innovative networking, and systems solutions.
SDRC is a rapidly growing leader in wireless communications networks and has achieved significant growth by addressing challenging and important opportunities in the Defense sector.
SDRC (Nasdaq:SDRC) today announced it has renewed and expanded the company's marketing alliance with Hendrick Motorsports, a leading NASCAR motor sports organization located in Harrisburg, North Carolina, with a five-year contract effective immediately.
I-DEAS is a key component of their racing strategy, and they're looking at ways to incorporate other SDRC products into their process, as well.
Hal Stern has extensive experience in innovative engineering, as well as a high-level vision of today's market requirements," said Bill Weyand, chairman and CEO, SDRC.
Note to Editors: SDRC, I-DEAS and Metaphase are registered trademarks of Structural Dynamics Research Corporation.
SDRC (Nasdaq:SDRC) today announced a 150 seat order from Siemens Medical Solutions, Erlangen, Germany, for I-DEAS(R) Enterprise(TM), an integration of SDRC's award-winning I-DEAS(R) mechanical design automation (MDA) products and its market leading Metaphase(R) product knowledge management (PKM) technology.
SDRC (Nasdaq:SDRC) today announced a new, revolutionary collaborative strategy in support of global product development.
Note to Editors: SDRC, Metaphase and Sherpa are registered trademarks, and Accelis is a trademark, of Structural Dynamics Research Corporation.
As these implementations have expanded (with the help of many systems integrators and SDRC partners) investments around the world in the `Metaphase(R) Economy' have expanded significantly.
SDRC (Nasdaq:SDRC), today announced at the SAE 2001 World Congress in Detroit, Michigan, that it is continuing to intensify its automotive dominance with the Express Automotive Solution, specifically tailored for automotive suppliers.
Recently merging with systaix GmbH, SteinhilberSchwehr will be a major force in providing MDA solutions in central Europe, committing 15 million DM ($7M, USA) in license and services business to SDRC.