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In this study, a limited number of soil water sampling days (only 17) were used for calculating SDRD in each land use and at each soil depth.
The SDRD of each set of realisations (Eqn 4) was then calculated.
Relationships between SDRD and environmental attributes
For each land use, SDRD was found to substantially vary in space at the hillslope scale (Fig.
For the tea garden hillslope, clay content was the only predicting variable for SDRD (explaining 37.
For both land uses, the mean SDRD value at 10 cm depth was substantially larger than that at 30 cm depth (Table 3).
One possible reason is that between the tea garden and forest hillslopes, no substantial difference was observed in many soil and topographic properties that were correlated with SDRD (Tables 1 and 2).
45, which suggests that U1 was relatively small when more than one year of data were used to derive SDRD.