SDRDSan Diego Roller Derby (San Diego, CA)
SDRDSupplemental Design Requirements Document
SDRDSupport to Decentralised Rural Development (Gambia)
SDRDSupportability Design Requirements Document
SDRDSubsystem Design Review Document
SDRDState Development and Redevelopment Plan
SDRDSystem Design Requirements Document (various organizations)
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The SDRD values of all sampling points were extracted from the predicted SDRD maps.
The spatial patterns of SDRD may be obtained by either (i) calculating the SDRD values for each sampling site and then interpolating SDRD at the hillslope scale, or (ii) interpolating soil moisture content for each sampling day and then calculating the SDRD.
Virulence genes were detected among at least 70% of all tested isolates included hld (100%), hla (95.3%), icaA (96.9%), clf (99.2%), sdrC (79.7%), sdrD (70.3%), and sdrE (72.7%).
The Sdr proteins encoded by the tandemly arrayed sdrC, sdrD, and sdrE are microbial surface components which recognize adhesive matrix molecules and have different roles in S.
The game started out very tightly with SDRD taking the initial lead but SWS keeping closely behind them.
A power jam by SDRD's Nanaki saw the gents from London extend their lead by 21 points, after which the game started tipping in SDRD's direction.
sdrC, sdrD, and sdrE were detected by PCR assays with primers and conditions previously described.