SDRISustainable Development Research Initiative (Institute for Resources, the Environment and Sustainability; University of British Columbia; Canada)
SDRISan Diego Running Institute (shoe store; California)
SDRISansum Diabetes Research Institute (est. 1944; Santa Barbara, CA)
SDRISelective Dopamine Reuptake Inhibitor
SDRIScience Data Ready Indicator
SDRISocial Development Research Institute (Japan)
SDRISocial Development Research Initiative (Bath, UK)
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The Autonomous Ukrainian Orthodox Church in America asserted that the SDRI refused to register the organization, a charge the SDRI denied.
According to the SDRI, prominent religious leaders, and the media, nationwide implementation had been haphazard.
Veteran space journalist Leonard David and space education specialist Barbara Sprungman, co-owners of SDRI, will be content creators for the new Internet channel, providing teachers and students with an inside view of the global push to explore, live and work in the frontier of outer space.
This isn't the first time Heard and the SDRI team have worked together.