SDRMSan Diego Railroad Museum (San Diego, CA)
SDRMSovereign Debt Restructuring Mechanism (International Monetary Fund program)
SDRMStrategic Decision and Risk Management (certification; Stanford University)
SDRMSecure Data Release Model (automotive industry)
SDRMInternational Society for the Development of Research on Magnesium (est. 1970)
SDRMSingle Data Rate Mobile (computing speed)
SDRMSan Diego Rescue Mission (California)
SDRMSovereign Debt Reduction Mechanism (finance)
SDRMSelf-Directed Risk Management (agriculture; Canada)
SDRMSoftware Digital Rights Management (licensing and protection)
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Although the IMF's SDRM has not come to fruition, it is instructive as a parallel to chapter 9 proceedings because of the attention the IMF has paid to procedures for selecting and appointing experts as well as cabining their roles to avoid political issues.
To avoid discrimination, SDRM would require all creditors to receive the same terms or the same choice among terms under the restructuring agreement.
One recent study has employed the use of sdRM as a set end point in a supervised low volume (single set) and low frequency (twice a week) RT intervention [38] reporting significant increases in strength outcomes with large within-participant ESs (1.59 to 3.31).
In particular, the synchronized data replenishment mechanism (SDRM) for managing the data buffer and the demand queue is described in detail.
in lieu of the SDRM has lowered the likelihood of protracted and costly sovereign debt restructurings.
In recent years, with the idea of an SDRM falling by the wayside, most new sovereign debt issues include some kind of CAC.
According to Schwarcz, the main differences are, first, that the SDRM excludes claims from foreign governments, whereas the SDRC allows such claims but provides that each such claim constitutes its own separate class.
(203) In doing so, CNIL ruled that IP addresses get a "personal character within the framework of a legal procedure." (204) Shortly after, the Societe des Auteurs, Compositeurs et Editeurs de Musique (SACEM), the Societe pour l'administration du Droit de Reproduction Mecanique (SDRM), the Societe Civile des Producteurs Phonographiques (SCPP) and the Societe Civile des Producteurs de Phonogrammes en France (SPPF) and other copyright holders' organizations sought the same authorization.
(24.) Phillipe Crocq, "The SDRM Story," Billboard, May 22, 1993, F13.
During this time, the IMF proposed a system for sovereign debt restructuring (the "SDRM"), which floundered and failed as a result of opposition from the market and from many countries.
In 2001, first deputy managing director at the IMF, Anne Krueger, proposed a "sovereign debt restructuring mechanism" (SDRM) that would apply some of the tools used in domestic bankruptcy regulations to provide orderly resolution to sovereign debt crises (Krueger 2001).