SDRMSan Diego Railroad Museum (San Diego, CA)
SDRMSovereign Debt Restructuring Mechanism (International Monetary Fund program)
SDRMSecure Data Release Model (automotive industry)
SDRMSan Diego Rescue Mission (California)
SDRMSelf-Directed Risk Management (agriculture; Canada)
SDRMSoftware Digital Rights Management (licensing and protection)
SDRMInternational Society for the Development of Research on Magnesium (est. 1970)
SDRMStrategic Decision and Risk Management (certification; Stanford University)
SDRMSovereign Debt Reduction Mechanism (finance)
SDRMSingle Data Rate Mobile (computing speed)
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Consequently, under the given N(t), the proposed SDRM makes it possible to automatically avoid data buffer overflow by determining the buffer size as much as the buffer resilience since the I(t) is bounded to the Z as shown in (2).
Brazil, for instance, argued that the existence of the SDRM might make foreign lenders reluctant to lend to emerging economies for fear they would abuse the mechanism by restructuring too frequently.
109) The 2001 SDRM proposal for a statutory approach to handling sovereign debt crises (110) expressly recognizes the importance of ensuring that the debtor is protected from legal action after the suspension of payments and while negotiations take place.
htm (opposing the SDRM approach in favor of the decentralized market-oriented approach): Anne O.
The IMF's proposal--spelled out in The Design of the Sovereign Debt Restructuring Mechanism--Further Considerations--clarified several things: the rationale for the SDRM, which claims would be covered under the SDRM, what the consequences of activation would be for the debtor, and how creditor participation would be coordinated.
It should also be highlighted that the official debates on the SDRM have excluded developing countries.
10) A useful summary of the evolution of the SDRM may be found in Rogoff and Zettelmeyer (2002).
Despite the significance of the debates around this mechanism, particularly with respect to understanding Washington's position vis-a-vis providing new financing for Argentina, the literature on the SDRM continues to be dominated by economic analyses.
The relationship between Krueger's SDRM and reducing bailouts is not clear.
Since its inception in 2008 almost 750,000 transactions have been processed through the SDRM under the careful scrutiny of the National Insurance Crime Bureau as our watchdog.
173) The same political constraints exist today that prevented the implementation of the SDRM before, but the need for a framework has reached critical heights in the face of strong holdouts and developing and emerging democracies' continued risk of default.
Algunas de las sociedades de gestion colectiva de derechos de autor que existen en Francia en el sector de la industria fonografica son: la SCPP, Societe Civile des Producteurs Phonographiques; la SPPF, Societe des Producteurs de Phonogrammes en France; la SACEM, Societe des Auteurs, Compositeurs et Editeurs de Musique y la SDRM, Societe pour l'administration du Droit de Reproduction Mecanique des auteurs.