SDRRShaped Deficit Round-Robin
SDRRSex, Drugs, Rock & Roll
SDRRSystem Definition and Risk Reduction
SDRRSan Diego Recruiters Roundtable
SDRRSouth Derbyshire Road Runners (UK)
SDRRStandard Deviation of Respiration Rate
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The evaluations of TRABI for the indices SDRR, RMSSD and LF/HF are lower in patients with MMI.
Only for the indices SDRR and MDRR the values of the index are higher in patients with NMMI compared to the evaluations in healthy individuals.
tn) in ms represent time intervals between successive R-waves of the electrocardiogram): - SDRR (standard deviation)= [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] - MDRR (mean deviation) = 1/n* ([absolute value of t1-RRA] + [absolute value of t2-RRA] + .