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SDRSStudent Debt Reduction Solution
SDRSStructural Data Recording Set (US Navy)
SDRSSubmarine Data Recording System
SDRSSplash Detection Radar System
SDRSSatellite Data Relay System
SDRSShips Data Recording System
SDRSSignal Data Recording Set
SDRSSurvivable Data Relay System
SDRSSupplier Document Requirements Schedule
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Workers with the average length of service will typically have replacement rates from Social Security plus their SDRS pension of about 75 percent of final pay.
After considering national trends in savings rates and the need for additional retirement income for participants in the South Dakota retirement plan, the SDRS decided to increase the prominence of the 457 plan.
The SDRS developed recommendations for automatic enrollment that were incorporated into legislation submitted to the legislature.
Beginning in January 2009, six months before automatic enrollment could go into effect, the SDRS began promoting the feature to the units comprising the South Dakota Retirement System.