SDRTStamp Duty Reserve Tax (UK tax)
SDRTStanford Diagnostic Reading Test
SDRTSegmented Discourse Representation Theory
SDRTSamantha Dickson Research Trust
SDRTSomerset and Dorset Railway Trust (UK)
SDRTStructured Discourse Representation Theory
SDRTSoftware Development Risk Taxonomy
SDRTSingle-Dish Radio-Telescope
SDRTSecure Digital Radio Transfer
SDRTSmart Disaster Response Technologies (Irvine, California)
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De meme, quel dessein des Conseils Provinciaux du Tourisme (CPT), du Reseau de Developpement du Tourisme Rural (RDTR), au lendemain de la creation de la SDRT?
All patients received also TMZ, concurrently administered per os during RT, according to Stupp's protocol (daily TMZ 75 mg/m during the RT course, for 6 weeks in SDRT and for 7 weeks in HDRT), followed by the sequential TMZ schedule (150-200 mg/m for 5 days every 28 days) until disease progression or complete response after 12 cycles.
All the considered parameters were categorized as follows: patients' age at diagnosis (<50 ys and >50 ys), KPS (100-80 and = 70); extent of surgery (GTR: gross total resection; B-STR: biopsy or subtotal resection), MGMT status (methylated and unmethylated); RT dose (SDRT, 59,4-60 Gy, and HDRT, 69,4-70 Gy).
Shi, "SDRT: a reliable data transport protocol for underwater sensor networks," Ad Hoc Networks, vol.
This function is responsible for the expression of intra--and intersentential scope hierarchy [21] / information structure [23] / rhetorical structure [9], including the embedding of sentences, one after the other, in the currently given information state by means of rhetorical relations more or less in the way suggested in SDRT [9].
(c) [SD.sub.mRNA] was less than mean SDQPCR, and the contribution from SDRT could not be estimated.
Correlations between oral reading and both the literal and inferential comprehension subtests of the SDRT were .78 and .80, while the correlations between cloze comprehension and the same subtests of the SDRT were lower (.67 and .71).
(22.) I believe SDRT to be broadly compatible with the developing FG clause-structure framework.