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SDS-PAGESodium Dodecyl Sulfate Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis
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For western blot method (12), the protein which separated by SDS-PAGE gel was transferred to PVDF membrane (Amersham) and immunobloting was done by use of anti-poly histidine-peroxidase monoclonal antibody (Sigma-Aldrich).
SDS-PAGE Identification of b-LG Isoforms: To detect polymorphism(s) in b-LG protein, standard SDS-PAGE method (Sambrook and Russell, 2001) was employed with 4% of stacking gel and 15% of separating gel (Bio-Rad system).
We thank Ana Carolina Ramos da Silva for her assistance in the SDS-PAGE gels and to Lorena Cristina Correa Fehlberg for reviewing this manuscript.
Samples were collected every 3 hr for 24 hr and analyzed by SDS-PAGE to follow the best time point of protein expression.
Commune IBL-06 MnP was obtained after gel documentation of Native-PAGE that was further confirmed on the SDS-PAGE (Fig.
The aim of the present study was to investigate the protein patterns in the sera of CMP patients and their comparison with those of healthy subjects through SDS-PAGE and 2-DE and characterization of the proteins specifically found in the serum of CMP patient in our local population for prediction and diagnosis of CMP.
The SDS-PAGE method was performed according to the procedure described by Laemmli [13].
The overall analysis of the leptospiral OMPs by SDS-PAGE demonstrated the presence of 14 bands, where the bands of22, 29, 47, and 63kDa proteins were the major constituents (Figure 1, A).
In the present work, for the total 183 proteins, 134 proteins distribute among 10 kDa-60 kDa Mw intervals, which are compatible with general SDS-PAGE, the smallest and the largest molecular mass obtained are 4.
The his-Hp-FAR-1 protein was successfully isolated, with the majority of the protein extracted in the soluble fraction and a single band present on SDS-PAGE.
Urines collected from diabetic patients (n = 32) over 24 h (stored at -20 [degrees]C) were analyzed by native PAGE and reducing SDS-PAGE.