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The results of the present study indicated little evidence showing a direct linear relationship of patient's attitude and practices, as measured by DES-SF and SDSCA, respectively, with achieving the combined target goal.
To describe self- management, the subscales for diet, exercise, and medication-taking from the SDSCA were used.
Descriptive statistics for the variables of the Summary of Diabetes Self Care Activities Scale (SDSCA Scale) are presented in Table 4.
Bivariate associations between the SDSCA, DMSES, outcome expectations, and sociodemographic characteristics were tested using one-way ANOVA and independent sample t-tests.
The mean diabetes self-management score for the sample as measured by the SDSCA was 5.1 (+/- 0.89) at baseline.
Thus the present study has as objective: To analyze the self-care of patients with DM-2 according to the Summary of Diabetes Self-Care Activities Questionnaire (SDSCA).
Cuando se evaluo la adherencia al tratamiento segun la escala de SDSCA, se encontro que los factores con los promedios mas altos de proporcion de adherencia (DE) fueron: la medicacion con 79,4% (20,2), el cuidado de los pies con 71,0% (34,5) y la dieta general con 62,2% (41,6).
Based on the social cognitive model, we propose that health behavior (SDSCA) and depression will affect health outcome indicators such as BMI, glycemic control (HbA1c), depression, diabetes quality of life, and general health.
Therefore, we intended to investigate the self-care behavior of middle-aged to elderly type 2 diabetes individuals, using the SDSCA questionnaire, and the factors associated with good adherence to self-care recommendations.
The SDSCA has been shown to be a valid and reliable measure of diabetes self-management in multiple trials (Toobert, Hampson, & Glasgow, 2000).
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