SDSESan Diego Stock Exchange (California)
SDSEStedman & Dyson Structural Engineers (San Diego, CA)
SDSESenior Development Software Engineer
SDSESoftware Development and Systems Engineering (Univeristy of Tennessee)
SDSEShadowed Directory service area Specific Entry
SDSESociety for Dissemination of Self Education (University of Mauritius)
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The aim of this study was to determine the proportion of SDSE colonization at 35-37 weeks of gestation from 15,144 rectovaginal swab cultures and to assess the rate of early maternal and neonatal postpartum infections associated with SDSE colonization compared to patients with a positive Streptococcus B culture or a negative culture.
All cases of maternal SDSE colonization based on a rectovaginal culture between January 1, 2012, and December 31, 2014, were identified from the laboratory database.
pyogenes have been identified in SDSE, including hemolysin, streptolysin, exotoxin, proteinase, adhesin, streptokinase, and hyaluronic acid genes (11,18).
We used descriptive statistics, [chi square] test, Kruskal-Wallis test, and Fisher exact test to compare demographics between clusters of SDSE to determine whether they differed with respect to key risk factors.
dysgalactiae species-specific primers and SDSE subspecies-specific primers [19].
In comparative research between M proteins of GAS and M proteins of GCS isolates SDSE was examined from people and it was found that the structures of M proteins of GAS were highly homological to M proteins of GCS in the C repeat region but the N terminus was unique [15].
(12) The M protein virulence factor encoded by the emm gene facilitates the characteristic spreading of SDSE infections by resisting phagocytosis, inhibiting the complement cascade and disrupting the coagulation system.
ADEC advertised the program in low-income neighborhoods, and it was also promoted by the municipal (SDSE) and the provincial (MDS) governments, and these efforts stressed the fact that the program aimed to include a large number of young women.
The whole model consists of eleven behavioural equations and five identity equations which contain sixteen endogenous (Sdgn; Dcogn; Dcrgn; Pfgn; Pmgn; Sdse; Dcose; Dcrse; Dese; Pese; Pfse; Pmse; ExT; Sto; Dto; and Pto) and twelve exogenous (Pf; YM; Degn; Pogn; Pcp; Pose; Qf; Y J; PigJ; T; Pcgn; and Diplo) variables.
Although SDSE has long been considered much less virulent than S.