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SDSFSystem Display and Search Facility (IBM)
SDSFSpool Display and Search Facility
SDSFSoquel Demonstration State Forest
SDSFSwiss DanceSport Federation
SDSFShwachman-Diamond Syndrome Foundation
SDSFSveriges Dövas Schackförbund
SDSFSustainable Development and Small Farms (USDA)
SDSFSand Dunes State Forest (Minnesota)
SDSFSevere Disabilities Services Fund
SDSFSecure Distributed Storage Facility
SDSFSoftware Development and Support Facility
SDSFsingle duct systems and fancoils
SDSFSan Diego Scholarship Foundation
SDSFsecond division segregation frequency
SDSFSelf Diagnostic Safety Features
SDSFStandoff Detector Staging Facility
SDSFSan Diego Skate Foundation
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The SDSF is capable of performing socket weld removal and chipless wheel cutting.
0 provides a highly compatible ISFCALLS REXX host command environment: (E)JES customers can run REXX execs written to exploit IBM's SDSF REXX API (introduced in z/OS 1.