SDSMSocial-Democratic Alliance of Macedonia (The Former Yugolsav Republic of Macedonia)
SDSMStatistical Downscaling Model (climate change)
SDSMSoftware Distributed Shared Memory
SDSMSilver Dragon Scale Mail (gaming)
SDSMSix Day Sonic Madness (band; Italy)
SDSMSolar Diffuser Stability Monitor
SDSMspace division switching matrix (US DoD)
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SDSM suggests that the program council of MRT should have 13 members, one each from MAN (Macedonian Association of Journalists) and ZNM (Journalists Association of Macedonia), six nominated by the opposition and five by the government, and that the MRT director should be allowed to name editors without prior consent from the program council.
According to him, SDSM accepted the Agreement from Przino because they fear that the project "The truth about Macedonia" might go down the drains, and all that protesting in front of the Government and the partial publication of "bombs" is in vain because it didn't have the desired effect.
SDSM 82104 exhibits tall, conical cusps on the trigonid and a nearly identical size and morphology to the paratype specimen.
If this had been their intention, then why don't they develop the "Progress" think-tank that also belongs to the left wing, the concerned people from SDSM HQs asked.
All SDSM partners have passed the Board Examinations for the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery (ABOS) and have met their rigorous standards to become Board Certified.
VMRO-DPMNE argues that the ministers to be elected upon nomination by SDSM should concern themselves only with technical matters related to the organization of the elections.
Zaev stressed that SDSM knows that this model might cause them lose some MP seats but added that it is all in the interest of democracy.
With all due respect for his rhetoric, leading abilities, and his charisma, it will be difficult for Crvenkovski to imitate with success Nikola Gruevski and he cannot distance himself for everything that he is blamed for by the SDSM," Spasov said almost at the same time while his former leader was promoting in the Universal Hall the changes in the Statute according to which the president of the party will be now approving all the personnel changes inside the SDSM including those on the local level.
Representatives of VMRO-DPMNE, BDI, SDSM and PDSH are going to resume their talks over Macedonia's electoral law at the Club of MPs on Tuesday at 13.
SDSM put an ultimatum to Prime Minister Gruevski, to schedule a date for next negotiations by the end of the day (Tuesday).
Unfortunately, SDSM seems as if it does not care too much about its actions and what they would mean in the long run.
The paper analyzes in its front-page analysis the ongoing reforms in opposition SDSM and wonders what in the background of the changes for a new beginning is.