SDSNSecure Data System Network
SDSNSwimmer Detection Sonar Network (joint project)
SDSNSixth Day and Seventh Night
SDSNStart Doing Something Now
SDSNSeaman, Steward Striker (Naval Rating)
SDSNStandard Data System Network
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This is also the objective of a declaration of the SDSN networks covering the G-20 countries that calls on the G-20 leaders to focus on the implementation of the SDGs in Antalya.
The SDSN, an international group of researchers reporting to the UN Secretary-General, engaged in broad consultation in developing its list of 10 sustainable development goals, most of which are to be achieved by 20 305 (see Table 2).
Many of its goals, although lacking final target numbers, are more precisely stated than those of the SDSN and more closely resemble a continuation in style of the MDGs.
As the "killer app" for Software Defined Networks (SDN), Jeda Network's highly scalable SDSN software can be applied to any storage network from the smallest rack of only a few systems to the largest Cloud Data Centers.
Disruptive SDSNs Simplify the Way Applications connect to Storage Delivering New Levels of Agility, Scalability and Economics
In the lead up to 2015, as the international community led by the United Nations designs new Sustainable Development Goals, SDSN.
Portia Simpson Miller, welcomed the SDSN s establishment noting that sustainable development continues to be a highly important issue for us in this region.
The Company will use TriStar to provide the Company with technical expertise and support if the discussions with Digital Video result in the delivery and acceptance by the Company of the SDSN units.
Jeda Networks SDSN technology is an innovative, virtualized and scalable solution that is transforming the way applications connect with network storage.
Eni is part of the Leadership Council, which is the SDSN s highest governance body and is responsible for strategic decision-making.
The SDSN is expected to provide an independent global, open and inclusive process to support and scale up problem-solving at local, national and global levels.
Sokol, a pioneer and 20-year veteran in the Information Technology field will be a major contributor to the successful North American launch of the unique SDSN system.