SDSNSecure Data System Network
SDSNSwimmer Detection Sonar Network (joint project)
SDSNSixth Day and Seventh Night
SDSNStart Doing Something Now
SDSNSeaman, Steward Striker (Naval Rating)
SDSNStandard Data System Network
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This is also the objective of a declaration of the SDSN networks covering the G-20 countries that calls on the G-20 leaders to focus on the implementation of the SDGs in Antalya.
The SDSN, an international group of researchers reporting to the UN Secretary-General, engaged in broad consultation in developing its list of 10 sustainable development goals, most of which are to be achieved by 20 305 (see Table 2).
As the "killer app" for Software Defined Networks (SDN), Jeda Network's highly scalable SDSN software can be applied to any storage network from the smallest rack of only a few systems to the largest Cloud Data Centers.
We spoke to Hatem Hariri, general manager, Juniper Networks MEA, about SDSN and the trends driving the security market in the region.
The event gathered experts from different thematic areas, including actors from the public and private sectors, academia, civil society, United Nations international bodies including Unicef, UNDP, SDSN Amazonia and UN Environment and representatives from Peru, Colombia and French Guiana.
118) SDSN issued another report in May 2014 under the same title--An Action Agenda for Sustainable Development (119)--in which it proposed sustainable development goals and targets.
Le rapport etabli par l'organisme onusien SDSN (Sustainable Development Solutions Network) Au Reseau pour des solutions de developpement durable des Nations Unies, place la Tunisie au 98eme rang sur 158 pays dans le classement du bonheur, a travers le monde.
38) Where final reports relied on proposals made in earlier area-specific technical reports on health goals, (as with the SDSN and OWG reports), we included those reports in our content analysis.
To hear more details about this reassuring news, I invite you to join us at the High-Level Dialogue on the INDC that the Management Association of the Philippines, through our Climate Change, Disaster Prevention, and Sustainability (CDS) Committee, will hold tomorrow noon in partnership with the CCC, PBE, and SDSN, and with the support of the UN Development Programme and sharing by the Ayala companies.
Angelo is a member of the Leadership Council of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network and chair of Med Solutions, the UN SDSN Regional Center for the Mediterranean.
Sachs, Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, Director of the SDSN, and Special Adviser to the UN Secretary General.
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