SDSRStrategic Defence and Security Review (UK)
SDSRSan Diego Spaniel Rescue (San Diego, California)
SDSRSan Dimas Stage Race (California; cycling)
SDSRStructurally Dissolvable Self-Reproducing Loop (biology)
SDSRSouthern Downs Steam Railway (Australia)
SDSRSimultaneous Double-Sided Reflow
SDSRSoftware Development Status Report
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17) The SDSR was published in October 2010 with the influence of Secretary of State for Defence Liam Fox and it and an accompanying National Security Strategy emphasizing the need for additional economies and including the following five items as key priorities:
The SDSR set out heavilytrailed plans for two new Army 5,000-strong "strike brigades" capable of deploying rapidly around the world, as well as an additional PS12 billion of equipment funding.
Continuing this long into the 21st century would be best secured by a different approach to UK foreign policy which the NSS and SDSR should seek to enable.
Meanwhile, the Army's regular manpower strength, which was set at 110,000 in 1998, fell to 95,000 in the 2010 SDSR, and was fixed at a target of 82,000 in 2012.
Defence Secretary Liam Fox said: "Difficult decisions had to be taken to tackle the pounds 38bn deficit left by Labour at the Ministry of Defence and the SDSR will not be reopened.
Labour's shadow defence minister Michael Dugher defends the previous government's commitment to defence and questions the wisdom of the SDSR, which he claims was "rushed through and utterly driven by the Treasury".
We also controlled SDSR with three frame-rate standard deviations (0.
The government is committed to report annually on progress in implementing the NSS & SDSR, and published its First Annual Report on implementation in December 2016.
And a further PS10 billion "contingency" has been set aside to meet additional unexpected cost increases, reflecting the complexity of the project, with the first submarine due to enter service in the early 2030s, the SDSR said.
I am not prepared to accept a delay in regenerating Britain's carrier strike capability beyond the timetable set out in the SDSR.
It accused the MoD of focusing on "short-term" affordability in drawing up options for the SDSR to cover a 38 billion pounds black hole in its budget.
The Tory-led Strategic Defence and Security Review was shortened to SDSR, but everyone pronounced it as "cuts".