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SDSSSloan Digital Sky Survey
SDSSSpatial Decision Support System
SDSSStability and Ductility of Steel Structures
SDSSStandard Defence Supply System (Australia)
SDSSSuper Duplex Stainless Steel
SDSSServer Display and Script Services
SDSSSrpska Demokratska Samostalna Stranka (Hrvatska)
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SDSS then uses these data to create and recommend routes that meet the users' stated criteria.
La gravedad del abuso tambien es medida a traves de la SDSS.
Such variation in eclipse depth is commonly observed in SU UMa systems including DV UMa, (12) IY UMa, (13) SDSS J122740.
The SDSS has measured the tone of this last ring quite accurately.
e] (1B) and its control, which had significantly higher GVW, MTO, and SDSS.
The SDSS project entails systematically mapping one-quarter of the entire sky, producing a detailed image of it and determining the positions and absolute brightness of more than 100 million celestial objects, according to the scientists.
Published release schedules are requested of SDSS compliant countries.
After attending a series of lectures and sessions by art educator Peter London and a group of art teachers who worked with London's ideas for developing socially and personally relevant art curriculum, Peter Scurr arrived back at SDSS with a sketchbook full of notes and images and an almost evangelical zeal about implementing some of these ideas into his own teaching.
An immediate advantage to using an SDSS is the ability to investigate changes in the mapped environment.
Canadian Down Syndrome Week is an opportunity for everyone to recognize the diverse abilities of Canadians with Down syndrome, SDSS Chairperson Miranda Klinger said.