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Many courses include content relevant to cultural competency, health disparities, disease patterns, and populations at risk, and build on the diversity-focused research conducted by faculty through the SDSURF.
As a result, and with federal and state funding opportunities, the Institute for Public Health (IPH), an applied research center managed through the SDSURF, was established as a community technical assistance and information translation entity within the school, the IPH provides project-based technical assistance and also conducts applied research.
Hence the creation of the SDSURF provided this infrastructure.
As the SDSURF increased in size and scope, a greater quantity of resources were available to provide seed money for faculty.
Parenthetically, the current university president's previous role as a vice president for research assures his extensive knowledge of, and experience with, university and faculty research, the single most notable achievement associated with adding the GSPH to the university and the most important facilitating role of the SDSURF.
The SDSURF helps to provide collaborative opportunity and breaks down barriers between disciplines and schools and departments since it is an impartial research entity hosting institutes and cross-disciplinary grants.
On the other hand, having two separate entities (SDSU and the SDSURF) may complicate presenting a clear consolidated "balance sheet" to outside entities and persons.
SDSURF provides a mechanism to bypass state bureaucracy and to focus research efforts directly on outcome objectives.
The development and growth of both the GSPH and the SDSURF has paralleled SDSU's own maturation.
Salary supplementation opportunities through grants and contracts, facilitated by SDSURF mechanisms, as well as external consulting opportunities, provide an avenue for entrepreneurial faculty to improve their financial situation.
The GSPH and the SDSURF have clearly played important roles in many university successes, and especially in graduate education, and in promoting the research environment, roles that will continue for many years in the future.