SDTASouth Dakota Telecommunications Association
SDTASouthern Downs Tourist Association (Australia)
SDTASan Diego Taxpayers Association (California; now San Diego County Taxpayers Association)
SDTAStewardsman Apprentice, Steward Striker (Naval Rating)
SDTASubscriber Data Transport Application (Sprint)
SDTASecured Diplomatic Transit Account (Internet crime)
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An SDTA spokesman said: "Sheppy was disappointed that England lost the semi-final, and quite pleased that France then won the final.
(NYSE: UTX), to begin assembling the third of four SDTA aircraft to further solidify the final production configuration of the CH-53K aircraft for the US Marine Corps.
A total of nine aircraft will be built in Connecticut during the EMD phase of the program four EMD aircraft and five System Demonstration Test Articles, or SDTA. The $1.5B EMD and SDTA contract includes development and integration of the next generation combat rescue helicopter and mission systems, including delivery of nine HH-60W helicopters as well as six aircrew and maintenance training devices, and instructional courseware designed specifically for the HH-60W aircraft.
The TMA/ SDTA 1 features sample supports and probes that are easy to handle, along with many intelligent features with the company's One Click operation, ensuring work flows are ergonomic and efficient, according to the manufacturer.
SDTA aircraft are expected to enter Operational Evaluation in 2017, when the Marine Corps will verify the CH-53K helicopter's capability to carry 27,000 pounds over 110 nautical miles under "high hot" ambient conditions.
VDTA and SDTA will maintain current programs and services but eventually will focus on each category's specific needs and attract broader membership.
The thermal gravimetric analysis (TGA) used a METTLER TGA/ SDTA 851 thermogravimetric analyzer (Mettler-Toledo, Schwerzenbach, Switzerland) under nitrogen atmosphere and at a heating rate of 2[degrees]C/min.
The hydroxyl groups were removed from the crystal network of ore, and kaolinite was transformed to metakaolinite with the water loss of all samples; this derivative is low quartz according to the SDTA data of A-RMC-44 of Figure 9 by equilibrium 2 [6, 24-27]:
Farooqi, Analysis of Dolomite of Balochistan (Pakistan) by Using X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy (XFS), Simultaneous Differential Thermal Analysis (SDTA), Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) and Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), J.
The TGA851 thermogravimetric analyzer with SDTA measures mass and thermal transitions simultaneously with the reproducible weight changes offered by the company.