SDTFSudan Divestment Task Force (Genocide Intervention Network)
SDTFSustainable Development Technology Fund (Canada)
SDTFSan Diego Tennis Federation (San Diego, CA)
SDTFSkills Development Trust Fund (Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea)
SDTFStandard Data Transfer Format
SDTFStandard Duty Title File
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There is clearly a need for better knowledge on seed germination and seedling establishment in SDTF in general, not only as a means to understand key forest community processes, but also to produce information for conservation and restoration efforts (Khurana & Singh, 2001).
Legislative changes in 1997 resulted in the SDTF being prospectively abolished and statutorily prohibited from accepting any new claims for dates of accident after Dec.
Both the arboreal caatingas and the deciduous dry forest enclaves within the CERPD have floristic links with the CPD and other SDTF of the South American continent (Amida et al., 2013; Neves et al., 2015).
SDTF (2006) The Secretary Department of treasury and finance--Partnerships Victoria, Guidance material--July 2006, Overview, Department of treasury and finance, Melbourne.
Contrary to Owen's comment, eight of the SDTF studies used helicopters.
Further, it is estimated that the SDTF will remain current in its outstanding liabilities during the foreseeable future.
A recent incarnation of the FS AGDISP aerial spraying model is the agricultural drift (AgDRIFT[R]) model, developed by the Spray Drift Task Force (SDTF) in cooperation with the U.S.
(i) We propose a new Software Development Team Formation (SDTF) problem and prove that it is NP-hard.
A useful assessment of SDTF resilience may be approached by studying the parts that make up the ecosystem: in this case, the organismal adaptations and interactions that are relevant to the persistence of individuals, species, and functional groups that comprise SDTFs.