SDTLIStudent Developmental Task and Lifestyle Inventory
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The SDTLI is a 140-item inventory measuring self-reported scores on behaviors, feelings, and attitudes that can be expressed by responding to an item about whether or not a developmental task has been accomplished (Winston & Polkosnik, 1986).
The inventories were given with a packet of information including detailed directions, a questionnaire, a copy of the SDTLI with answer sheet, and a copy of the RIAS-B.
A correlational study design investigated the strength of relationship between racial identity attitudes as measured by the RIAS-B and interpersonal psychosocial development as measured by the SDTLI. Since there is limited empirical evidence about the relationship between the major variables under study, the strategy was to look for the presence or absence of relationships using a Pearson product moment correlation with an alpha level of .10.
Nonsignificant findings include: (a) negative correlations between the Pre-encounter Scale and all subtasks; (b) negative correlations with the Encounter scale on all subtasks except Intimacy, which showed a positive relationship; (c) negative correlations between the Immersion/Emersion Scale and the Emotional, Peer, and Maturing subtasks; and (d) negative correlations between the Internalization scale and Peer as well as Emotional subscales of the SDTLI. Internalization scale also correlated positively with the Tolerance, Maturing, and Intimacy subtasks.