SDTPSerial Data Transport Protocol
SDTPSubstance Dependence Treatment Program (various organizations)
SDTPStudent-Directed Transition Planning (University of Oklahoma)
SDTPStudent Drug Testing Program (various organizations)
SDTPSystem Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Procedures (book)
SDTPStress Disorder Treatment Program (US VA; Topeka, KS)
SDTPSchool Drug Testing Program
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Both firms are expected to employ 100 SDTP graduates of the center by the end of 2020.
$32 million for the Student Disabilities Transport Program (SDTP).
Mr Dixon said the additional transport funding will mean a total of 8,750 children will have transport to their specialist school in 2015, bringing the total budget for the SDTP to $68 million for 2014-15.
Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) awarded a grant to Servicos de Defesa e TecnolEgicas de Processos (SDTP), a federally mandated nonprofit foundation established in 2002 to advance the knowledge and use of technologies related to civil aviation navigation and airport infrastructure in Brazil.
Creamer, on behalf of USTDA, and SDTP President Paulo Hegedus.
Government, through the USTDA, and the SDTP. Facilitating partnerships between U.S.