SDUSStudent Drug Use Survey (behavioral health assessment)
SDUSSavez Dramskih Umetnika Srbije (Serbian: Federation of Dramatic Artists of Serbia)
SDUSSecondary Data User Station
SDUSSaint Denis Union Sports (water polo club; France)
SDUSSmall Scale Data Utilisation Station
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In this research we used questions that asked about the participants' alcohol consumption during the week (Monday-Thursday) and at weekends (Friday-Sunday) in Standard Drink Units (SDUs; Rodriguez-Martos, Gual, & Llopis, 1999).
The building plans are being sold to residents hoping to build their own tiny house - or secondary dwelling unit (SDU) - for $500, with the profits split between the architects and SquareOne.
Hence all the erroneous RLC PDUs will be recovered and the E2E SDU loss will only be caused by IP packet dropping in the bottleneck link queue which is Early Drop for real-time traffic or queue overflow for all other traffic.
yang rgyud pa gcig la/ chig chod dad shes/ bru rgyal ba g yung drung / des rtogs ldan kun 'od/ des ri pa sher blo/ des hor sgom de la bdag gis zhus sho/ 'bum rje 'od kyis mdzad pa'i dbang rgyas 'bring sdus pa gsum yod pa la/ gsal zhing go bde' bar khrigs su/ yang ston dpal bzang bdag gis zhal zhes yan chad yi ge bris/ ghal [ 'gal] 'khrul ci mchis bon skyong rnams la bshags dge' bas bdag gzhan smin grol thob par shog/ sd ma yd/ dg[e]'o/ / dge'o// kra shis ...
(3.) Self-Defence Units (SDUs) were created under the auspices or aegis of the African National Congress during the two states of emergency in the 1980s.
Seventy percent of South Dakota University System (SDUS) student aid is in the form of loans, compared with a 48% figure nationally.
The ATM layer is where transparent transfer of fixed-size 53-byte cells or ATM-layer service data units (ATM SDUs) between communicating upper-layer entities is defined.
The MK has effectively been in |mothballs' since the |Pretoria Minute' of August 4, 1990 although former MK cadres are currently serving in township Self Defence Units (SDUs) to help deter the mass Inkatha attacks which have become a feature of life in the Transvaal townships.
In the case of alcohol, the intensity of use was also collected, measured in SDUs consumed in the last month.