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SDVSwitched Digital Video
SDVStop Domestic Violence (various organizations)
SDVSource Document Verification
SDVSan Device Virtualization
SDVSemicolumn Divided Values
SDVStatic Driver Verifier
SDVStratégie de Développement de Ville (French: City Development Strategy)
SDVService Diocésain des Vocations (French: Diocesan Vocations Service)
SDVSciences de la Vie (French: Life Sciences)
SDVService-Disabled Veteran
SDVSwimmer Delivery Vehicle
SDVSource Data Verification
SDVSimpson Dura-Vent (pipes)
SDVSafe Deposit Vault
SDVSingle-Dose Vial
SDVShuttle-Derived Vehicle
SDVShutdown Valve
SDVSubmerged Delivery Vehicle (US DoD)
SDVSCAC-Delmas-Vieljeux (transportation company, France)
SDVSatsuma Dwarf Virus (plant pathogenic virus)
SDVScrapper's Dream Vacation (scrapbooking convention)
SDVSedan de Ville (Cadillac model)
SDVStore Door Value (consumer goods)
SDVSEAL (Sea, Air, Land) Delivery Vehicle (US DoD)
SDVServeur Dedié Virtuel (French: Virtual Dedicated Server)
SDVSi Dieu Veut (French: If God Wants)
SDVShadow Doppler Velocimeter
SDVSpecial Decontamination Vehicle (Singapore Civil Defence Force)
SDVStatic Device Verifier
SDVSoftware Development and Validation
SDVSonido De Valencia
SDVSpeed Decrease Valve
SDVSociety of Divine Vocations, Vocationist Fathers (religious order)
SDVTel Aviv, Israel - Dov Airport (airport code)
SDVState Data Exchange
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Jason Henderson and Jason Spencer provide a good introduction to SDVs in general, and they raise some important issues as to the changes that must be considered as transportation moves towards an SDV environment.
SDV utilizes positive training methods and clicker trains most behaviors, including alert training.
SDV UAE was launched in 2008 and is 49% owned by SDV, with the remaining 51% jointy owned by dnata and Kanoo.
SDV had recently acquired a minority share in the Lebanese operator, which is present in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Italy.
The Government Accountability Office reported in October that self-certification leaves the SDV program open to fraud.
Det Insp John Watts, has been working closely with the team setting up Newcastle's SDV Court.
7 medium-lift hovercraft, which are thought to be maintained in service by Iranian Aircraft Manufacturing Industries, al Sabehat SDVs which can carry three combat divers, Una class midget submarines, Ashoora assault boats, jet-ski based assault craft, Mig-G-0800 fast boats and Type 4 fast patrol vessels.
The SDV (SCSI domain validation) technical report explains how to use the communication with expanders to margin each segment of the bus.
The partnership between SDV and GEIS is in two parts.
Four years ago, SDV operated with several brands of lift trucks, only two of them Toyotas.
Temperatures used for the SDV and the ODR were 120 degrees + or - 0.