SDVSStafford District Voluntary Services (UK)
SDVSState Delta Verification System
SDVSSmall Digital Voice Switch (USAF)
SDVSState Department of Veterans Service (Georgia)
SDVSSocial Development and Voluntary Service (Nepal)
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The lesion was drained into the right transverse sinus through SDVs [Figure 1]c and [Figure 1]d.
Columbia Machine recently partnered with Otto Motors to incorporate the Otto 1500 self-driving vehicle (SDV) into current and future applications.
Bridges has authored a number of books and articles that have addressed many concerns as to the impact and timing of SDVs. (4) Bridges's book, Driverless Car Revolution: Buy Mobility, Not Metal, contains numerous insights into the issues related to the advent and implementation of SDVs,5 including an overview discussion of the benefits and detriments of SDVs.
In an electronic bidding system, some companies use SDVS to submit their prices to the institution for a project.
Research indicates that that widespread urban adoption of SDVs and "robo-taxis"
"To see an increasing number of students graduate from SDVS is a testament to their hard work, and also to the success of our credentialed staff and the high-quality online education we have to offer.
The system has a detection range of 1,000, 700 and 1,500 metres against respectively open, closed-circuit breathing apparatus-equipped divers and SDVs. (DSIT)
Prevalence of bacterial contamination of SDVs which were used more than once has been reported 5.6% in one of Iranian hospitals.
In addition to identifying improper reuse of SDVs for more than one patient, county health officials also noted that health-care personnel did not adhere to Standard Precautions because they failed to wear face masks when performing spinal injections (2).
Last year the Government Accountability Office found that a sample of 10 companies had received $100 million in SDV contracts, although some were ineligible for the program and several were passing through most or all of their work to large corporations.
By flexibility as an attribute of a manufacturing system we understand the capacity of that system to comply with the changes that can occur in: the typology and the volume of the production charge, the running state of the modules from which is made, the technological process' parameters, the multitude of the SDVs used et al.