SDWASun Data Warehouse Appliance
SDWASystem Diagnostic Work Area
SDWASingapore-Delft Water Alliance (research project)
SDWASafe Drinking Water Act of 1974
SDWASouth Delta Water Agency (California)
SDWASystem Diagnostic Work Area (IBM)
SDWASan Diego Wrestling Association (San Diego, CA)
SDWASan Diego Windsurfing Association (San Diego,CA)
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and maintain primacy under section 1413 of the SDWA, "states must
98) In January of 2015, the level of total trihalomethanes (TTHM), a disinfectant byproduct created by a reaction between chlorine and organic matter, exceeded the MCL, which resulted in another SDWA violation.
primacy was obtained under SDWA Section 1425, thereby reducing EPA
Prysby faces six criminal charges including two charges of misconduct in office and one count each of conspiracy to tamper with evidence, tampering with evidence, engaging in a treatment violation that violates the Michigan SDWA, and engaging in a monitoring violation that violates the Michigan SDWA.
Under the SDWA Amendment of 1986, the EPA set a maximum contaminant level goal (MCLG) and a maximum contaminant level (MCL) for fluoride at 4.
42) Additionally, a SDWA UIC permit is required for the underground injection of fluids or propping agents pursuant to hydraulic fracturing if the injected fracturing fluids contain diesel fuels.
The United States Congress passed the SDWA in 1974 to ensure safe
29) Section 322 overturned an opinion in which the Eleventh Circuit held that Part C of the SDWA required the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to regulate hydraulic fracturing activities.
37) If the EPA determines that federal regulations are necessary to ensure that the process does not endanger the public's drinking water sources, Congress may choose to enable federal agencies to create a more extensive federal regulatory scheme for hydraulic fracturing through the SDWA.