SDWAASafe Drinking Water Act Amendments of 1996 (US EPA)
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which the public depends, the SDWAA provide additional, if not more
Application of the SDWAA standard for risk analysis by the FCC in
Incorporation of the SDWAA standard promotes the objectives of the
commensurate level is that articulated by Congress in the SDWAA.
100) Use of the SDWAA, which prescribe the use of a particular method
Application of the SDWAA where the FCC engages in risk analysis is
the SDWAA, at least insofar as its application under the IQA, are
information it disseminates--an adaptation of the SDWAA principles where
adding that the SDWAA principles must be "consistent with agency
Furthermore, the OMB allows for the SDWAA to be disregarded
purposes of the OMB's SDWAA mandate--sound science.
While the principles of the SDWAA are not at odds with the FCC