SDWAASafe Drinking Water Act Amendments of 1996 (US EPA)
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scientific requirements (SDWAA standard included) will stall the
that is the OMB's SDWAA standard for risk analysis will serve to
example, the EPA commits to an adaptation of the SDWAA where it
adaptations--articulating its modified SDWAA standard, justifying
additions and modifications of SDWAA language, (49) and detailing how
Not all agencies are equal before the SDWAA. Where an agency fails
to regulate risks to human health, safety, or the environment, the SDWAA
risk analysis that would trigger the SDWAA under the IQA.
which the public depends, the SDWAA provide additional, if not more
Application of the SDWAA standard for risk analysis by the FCC in
Incorporation of the SDWAA standard promotes the objectives of the
commensurate level is that articulated by Congress in the SDWAA.