SDWPSemantic and Dynamic Web Processes
SDWPSocial Development and World Peace (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops)
SDWPSan Diego Workforce Partnership (San Diego, CA)
SDWPSouth Dakota Women's Prison (Pierre, SD)
SDWPSafe Drinking Water Program (various states)
SDWPSocial-Democratic Workers' Party (political group; various locations)
SDWPSouth Derbyshire Water Polo (UK)
SDWPSemantic and Dynamic Web Process (conference)
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The aim of this investigation was to assess how changes in study design concerning the number of replicates, the number of samples, and/or the number of individuals, as well as changes in the [SD.sub.A] of the instruments used, influence the width of the CI of the estimated SDWP and thereby the reliability of the estimate.
In Table 2 the skewness values of the [CI.sub.95] for the SDWP are shown for the same designs as in Table 1.
The width and skewness of the [CI.sub.95] for the estimate of the SDWP are not affected by the ratio between the [SD.sub.BP] and the [SD.sub.WP] (results not shown).
The results show that a low [SD.sub.A] in comparison to the SDWP is vital to gain sufficient power in the experiment.
The 2 CI values are not overlapping, indicating a significant difference in the SDWP for the 2 periods.
The power of a study design intended to estimate the SDWP is very much dependent on the [SD.sub.A].