SDWPSocial Development and World Peace (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops)
SDWPSan Diego Workforce Partnership (San Diego, CA)
SDWPSafe Drinking Water Program (various states)
SDWPSocial-Democratic Workers' Party (political group; various locations)
SDWPSouth Derbyshire Water Polo (UK)
SDWPSemantic and Dynamic Web Process (conference)
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A] of the instruments used, influence the width of the CI of the estimated SDWP and thereby the reliability of the estimate.
95] for the SDWP are shown for the same designs as in Table 1.
95] for the estimate of the SDWP are not affected by the ratio between the [SD.
A] in comparison to the SDWP is vital to gain sufficient power in the experiment.
The 2 CI values are not overlapping, indicating a significant difference in the SDWP for the 2 periods.
The power of a study design intended to estimate the SDWP is very much dependent on the [SD.