SDWTCSan Diego World Trade Center
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Furthermore, we are pleased to be associated with the SDWTC for the rich networking opportunities and spirited leadership they provide.
Leveraging its global network of World Trade Centers and affiliate partners, SDWTC is the proven forum for international information, communications, and connections.
The SDWTC leveraged the China Hi-Tech Fair to create the San Diego Pavilion exhibition booths, networking events, press conference and high-level meetings with senior government officials and business leaders to maximize visibility and position San Diego and its businesses as key players in the Chinese market.
Stephen Weber, and SDWTC Vice Chairman Dan Hammang.
In addition, we built relationships with members of the SDWTC and look forward to continuing to work with them.
In the same light, we are hopeful that the companies served by our 400 partners and the many companies in China looking to the US market can build on the relationships and networks that have grown from this important Mission," commented Dan Hammang, incoming Chairman of SDWTC and CFO partner of Tatum Partners.