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SDXSigma Delta Chi (former name of the society of professional journalists; still used for the society's SDX Foundation)
SDXSds Exchange Format
SDXStorage Data Acceleration
SDXSuper Deluxe
SDXSigma Delta Chi (journalism honor society)
SDXSecure Document Exchange
SDXSedona, AZ, USA (Airport Code)
SDXSimulation Data Exchange (file format for data exchange)
SDXStorage Data Acceleration (Western Digital)
SDXSmartDiscovery Extraction Server (Inxight Software Inc)
SDXStarkit Developer Extension (computer programming)
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Competition judge Mike Stevenson, chairman of the SDX, said: "I can see Scott's products becoming must-haves in many Scottish homes."
Retention Linear range Analytes time (min) Calibration curve ([micro]g/l) SDZ 2.66 y = 238.125x + 28.0015 0.1-100 SDX 3.56 y = 618.869x + 3.41238 0.1-100 SMZ 3.49 y = 350.874x - 25.7008 0.1-100 STZ 2.82 y = 500.568x - 46.9565 0.1-100 Analytes [R.sup.2] SDZ 0.997 SDX 0.996 SMZ 0.996 STZ 0.998 SAs: sulfonamides; LC-MS/MS: liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry; [R.sup.2]: correlation coefficient; SDZ: sulfadiazine; SDX: sulfadoxine; SMZ: sulfamethoxazole; STZ: sulfathiazole.
With the availability of the SDX respiratory gating system, patients are treated while voluntarily holding their breath, reducing motion of the target area.
Segmentation by technology and analysis of the SDx market
Average baseline glucose concentrations (before intravenous injection of glucose) were 110.1 [+ or -] 2.25 mg/dL for the SCT group, 164.7 [+ or -] 4.45 mg/dL for the SDX group, 157.5 [+ or -] 4.16 mg/dL for the DMT group, and 137.4 [+ or -] 8 mg/dL for the DPE group.
(11.) Lin Yusheng, The Creative Transformation of Chinese Tradition, Beijing: SDX Joint Publishing Company, 2011.]
SDX uses a single CAT5/5e/6 cable to send uncompressed DVI-D video with RS-232 and IR control to your television or display up to 400 feet away.
VVWORD search J K L PO IGVE A G I MC RACK SDX EA SAHU C TMCH BMOK ENSLCJIRS P EW I I BEYL T O I UMGMFE RK P L Y OOED EUHJKNNGI XR E LK EELV KJHT IMEJA EWQ AN BGHD Find the names of four horses who have races named after them (Names can appear vertically, horizontally, diagonally, backwards or forwards) Answer on page 89 VVALL mixed up Rearrange the letters to reveal the name of last year's Racing Post Trophy hero and ante-post favourite for this year's Derby Brink Snags (10) Answer on page 89 Compiled by James Pugh, Chris Pitt and Daniel Hill
Wolters Kluwer Financial Services has expanded its SDX Secure Document Exchange, a fully-integrated electronic delivery and signature solution for financial services organizations, to the U.S.
Stan Chen's ASYM." Ammo from makers like Stan Chen, who create ammunition built to exacting standards of perfection--almost approaching meticulous insanity--might be labeled "as good as it gets." The flagship of Chen's Asym line of defense and performance ammunition is the .45-caliber Solid Defense X SDX featuring the well-proven Barnes TAC-XP bullet.
" It can burn all bomb making isotopes to minimise proliferation risk." The technology has been accepted by the nuclear community and a $ 50 million plan has been approved in the UK for building a SDX module.