SDYESabouraud Dextrose Yeast Extract
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The compound was serially two-fold diluted with Sabouraud dextrose (SD; TaKaRa, Japan), Sabouraud dextrose+ 0.2% yeast extract (SDYE), YPD (TaKaRa) or RPMI medium (RPMI 164, Sigma, USA) without sodium bicarbonate and with L-glutamine buffered to pH 7.0 with 0.165 M morpholino-propanesulfonic acid and added with 18 g of glucose per liter to make a final concentration of 2% (11-15).
We applied SD, SDYE, YPD or RPMI1640 medium to test antifungal activity since the standard medium for broth microdilution assay of A.
Kassem Abdel Azizi, Nazim Al Hayek, representing Deputy Ahmad Fatfat, Mohammad Sdye, chief of the union of Denniye Municipalities, Mirna Fatayirjy, Director of the Social Affairs Center- Tripoli, Moatassem Abdel Kader , Khoder Al Shafshak, and Mounir Kanj, Chiefs of the municipalities of Asoon and Al Hazmieh and Bksifreen, respectively , Natalie Tameem, representing the United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees, Dr.