SEACAPSouth East Asia Community Access Programme (UN)
SEACAPSoutheast Asian Consortium for Access and Preservation (various locations)
SEACAPSouth East Asian Children's Assistance Project
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This article presents a secondary analysis of baseline data from SEACAP. Study design, participant inclusion, and main results have been reported in detail elsewhere [31-32].
A total of 442 veterans completed the baseline study interview; 401 had Roland-Morris Disability Questionnaire (RMDQ) [34-35] scores >5 and were enrolled in SEACAP. All 401 SEACAP participants were included in the current study.
Race/ ethnicity, employment status, education, marital/domestic partnership status, and duration of chronic pain were self-reported as part of the SEACAP baseline interview.
The educational attainment of SEACAP participants distinguishes this sample from those of the previous studies of CAM use among veterans [23,25] but more closely approximates education levels of civilian CAM users [6,16-17] and of the national VA population [48].
28 February 2012 - US investment advisor Davidson Fixed Income Management Inc, or DFIM, said today it had sealed a definitive deal to take over local fixed income portfolio management provider SeaCap Investment Advisors.
DFIM added that it will retain nine specialists from SeaCap as well as the firma[euro](tm)s name.
The partiesa[euro](tm) Seattle offices will be consolidated into DFIMa[euro](tm)s Columbia Center location.Country: USASector: Business and Consumer Services, Banking/Financial ServicesTarget: SeaCap Investment AdvisorsBuyer: Davidson Fixed Income Management Inc
Seabury Trade Finance Exchange (STFX), a division of Seabury Capital LLC (SeaCap), a wholly owned subsidiary of Seabury Group LLC, has announced the appointment of Guy Rey-Herme as Senior Advisor to its Board.
They build on the successes of both AFCAP (2008-2014) and the South East Asia Community Access Project (SEACAP 2004-2009).
Through the EU-funded Covenant of Mayors in Sub-Saharan Africa (CoM SSA) cities and municipalities receive technical support to develop Sustainable Energy Access and Climate Action Plan (SEACAPs) as well as direct financial support to implement actions at local level.