SEADASubversion and Espionage Against the Department of the Army
SEADASuppression of Enemy Air Defense Artillery
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Eelkoige valjendus see kavatsuses sisse seada mitmed uued sotsiaalkindlustusliigid (haigus-, vanadus-, invaliidsus-, toitjakaotuskindlustus) pollutoolistele ja vastavate seaduseelnoude valjatootamises.
Seada, "Quantitation of bcl-2 protein in bladder cancer tissue by enzyme immunoassay: comparison with western blot and immunohistochemistry," Clinical Chemistry, vol.
Vranic, Seada. Breaking the Wall of Silence: The Voices of Raped Bosnia.
"What happened in Nagaa Hammadi was a sectarian killing," Hafez Abou Seada, Secretary General of the Egyptian Organisation for Human Rights (EOHR) said in a statement.
In a rather sentimental ending, she goes back to singing (which she had abandoned because she was less than perfect) a (English?) nursery song to help soothe Seada's trauma.
Es importante investigar si esta diferencia se puede atribuir a diferencias etnicas en la fecundidad de seada o no deseada.
Combinations of PLCs with intelligent HMIs are reaching into new areas previously the preserve of Seada systems, added Tasker.
Hafez Abu Seada, secretary-general of Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) said the Egyptian government was sending "contradictory signals" to Egyptians and the world by jailing pro-Gaza activists in the midst of its diplomatic engagements for a ceasefire.
During the clashes, Dr Moaiya Hassanain, a Palestinian health ministry official, said one Palestinian - Mazen Seada, a senior Hamas commander in central Gaza - was killed and three were wounded, including a woman.
Gulf News interviewed Hafiz Abu Seada, secretary general, Egyptian Organisation for Human Rights, about freedom of press and restrictions under Mubarak's rule.
Notable cases in point include Egyptian pro-democracy activists Hafez Abu Seada and Saad Eddin Ibrahim, who benefited by way of their release from imprisonment from the intervention of transnational movements, including Amnesty International.
Hafez Abu Seada, secretary-general of the Egyptian Organisation for Human Rights, said moves to weaken the Brotherhood would have the opposite effect, by excluding other political parties and boosting its credibility.