SEAFSmall Enterprise Assistance Funds
SEAFSeattle Erotic Art Festival (Seattle, WA)
SEAFSustainable Energy Advisory Facility (UN Environment Programme)
SEAFSignature Event Action Filter
SEAFSubmissive Extroverted Abstract Feeler (Jung personality type indicator)
SEAFStow-E Evaluation & Analysis Facility
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ICD and SEAF will also work together toward improving the feasibility and bankability of SME projects and enabling post-investment support for each portfolio investment and thereby the funds.
SEAF believes with ICD that significant opportunities exist in these countries, given the generally high level of education, good infrastructure and regional linkages.
First the artists had to go through the nomination stage, where a committee made up of established artists, art academics, and art professionals in the UAE were invited by the Foundation to nominate up to three emerging artists who met SEAF eligibility requirements.
The funds will be channeled through the newly established fund SEAF Macedonia 1, announced by the participants in the Global Investment Summit which took place in Ohrid on 18-21 October.
The fund will be led by Hubertus Jan van der Vaart, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of SEAF, who stressed that 10 to 14 companies from the agriculture, pharmaceutical industry, education and training will be backed in the beginning.
Finally, it invested in Renewable Energy Asia Fund, a fund that invests in run of the river hydro, wind, solar and bio-mass infrastructure projects in South Asia and SEAF India Agribusiness International Fund, a fund that invests in agribusiness SME in India.
Participants are said to include top managers of such renowned giants as Nokia Siemens Networks, Raiffeisen Bank and SEAF, as well as Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and his economic team.
Description : The Operation represents an equity investment up to USD 10 million in SEAF Caucasus Growth Fund (the Fund ).
USAID-funded Enterprise Development and Market Competitiveness (EDMC) Project and the Small Enterprise Assistance Funds (SEAF) Armenia declared the first equity investment in Armenia, that was made by the SEAF Caucasus Growth Fund.