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SEAFOODSoftware Engineering Approaches for Offshore and Outsourced Development
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At Blue Pointe Seafood, fresh Tilapia, Little Neck Clams, and Maryland Soft Shell Crabs have now been added to their product lineup, in addition to the company's popular Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes, Maine Lobster Tails, Gulf Shrimp, and Chesapeake Bay Oysters.
These young fishermen have never visited the Seafood Expo before, and are looking forward to learning what the wider seafood business is all about, explained Graham Young.
This report estimates the market size of the processed seafood market in terms of value.
There will still be a seafood show in Boston next year, too, only it will be called Seafood Expo North America instead of the International Boston Seafood Show, and the co-located Seafood Processing America will become Seafood Processing North America.
The Nemos Seafood owners are discovering that franchising their business has tremendous advantages, from expanding with minimal capital investment--since franchisees provide the initial investment--to competing more effectively against much larger competitors.
The risk of exposure is more important in this locality than in other areas where swimming or eating raw oysters and undercooked seafood are the major risk factors (4, 6-8), possibly because fresh seafood is widely consumed, and seafood is easily accessible in wet markets in Hong Kong.
Seafood King lists a surprising number of soup options, actually 17 of them, nine with at least one seafood ingredient.
Luckily, conscientious seafood consumption is getting easier.
Typically, upscale restaurants serve a seafood dish, and then customers ask local seafood dealers if they can get that item.
What to do: Consider eating seafood several times a week, because a number of studies now suggest that it cuts the risk of heart attacks and strokes.
In 1997, FDA issued the new HACCP seafood safety rules forcing every seafood plant to follow a customized plan to prove it took steps to prevent seafood contamination at every stop between the fishing boat and shipping out to consumers.