SEAMESSoutheast Asian Ministers of Education Secretariat
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Cabinet Minister Hilary Armstrong MP visits Ysgol Abercaseg, Bethesda on Tuesday to learn about the pioneeringprogrammes introduced in North Wales to prevent and reduce violent and antisocial behavior in children: she is pictured with pupils Ryan Pople, Seames Curran and Tomos Jack Picture: ROBERT PARRY JONES
"I long to have Christians more ingaged," he wrote, "it seames as tho they were fast asleep and the Devil had enclosd them and buried them as it were in A drift of snow and they are afraid so much as to peek out and let the world know that they are on xsts [Christ's] side." Neighbors claimed that Ely was mad, but it would be hard to imagine such a passionate defender of radical evangelicalism missing an opportunity to meet with Wheelock and hear Edwards's sermon a few miles downriver.
"Mother" Seames, a woman who had been teaching the game on dirt and clay courts since 1906.