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Many codes (ICBO 1997; AIJ 1999; SEAOC 1999; IBC 2003; EC 2004; ASCE 2005; ECP-203: 2004, 2007; ECP-201: 2008) recognize that the period of vibration from the simplified period-height equation is more realistic, having been directly obtained from the measured periods of vibration of buildings subject to earthquake ground motions (Goel, Chopra 1997; Ghosh, Fanella 2003), but that when higher modes are important (in tall and/or irregular structures) the modal response spectrum method gives a more realistic profile of the lateral forces.
Prior to his academic career, he was an active member ofthe Structural Engineers Association of California (SEAOC) as a consultant engineer in Los Angeles, California.
Performance based design concepts have been proposed in various guidelines such as SEAOC Vision 2000 (1995), ATC-40 (1996), FEMA356 (2000), FEMA-440 (2005) and ASCE/SEI 41-06 (2007).
SEAOC 57th Annual Convention, Structural Engineers Assoc.