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William Case is professor in the Department of Asian and International Studies and director of the Southeast Asia Research Centre (SEARC) at City University of Hong Kong.
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and Ayuwat, D., Social networks of Laotian migrant workers in Thailand', SEARC, Working Paper No.
At the same time, Evans is closer to Elton's "trenchant defence of the belief that history is a searc h for the objective truth about the past" (p.2) than his disavowals indicate, and which the final paragraph of the original text points up.
Third, the 4.5-year interval allowed the analysis to bypass the temporary jobs many physicians hold while searc hing for stable practice opportunities (Willke 1991).
The same pattern was also observed for other common searc h categories such as "travel" or "vacations." Further, findings based on data released by Search Keyword Monitoring services are consistent with reports from other sources.
She remains virtually unreproducible--as Harron's apprehensive account of Solanas's disappearance and her desperate searc h for the manuscripts underscores.
Geographically localized search should lead chains to replicate themselves by making acquisitions in the neighborhood of the acquisitions resulting from their past searc hes.
Specifically, relatively high accuracy forecasters employed a directive information searc h strategy while relatively low accuracy forecasters used a sequential cognitive search strategy.
However, multi-file searc hes with duplicate checking is an important achievement for professional information management, an instrument that should not be neglected, especially not in favor of minor savings.