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SEATOSoutheast Asia Treaty Organization
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To say that Indo-Pacific is Seato v2.0 may be a stretch in that 2017 is very different from 1954: The Cold War is over, China has a cooperative relationship with America, and Kim Jong-un has nudged Japan toward greater militarization.
It is true, after the war of 1971, Pakistan existed in new and smaller size,she has left the commonwealth and SEATO membership.
Furthermore, China was surprisingly soft in its criticism of the three SEATO countries (Pakistan, Thailand and the Philippines), however, it warned that they made a serious mistake by getting into the US trap.6 Pakistan, on the other hand, gave clear gestures to China that its membership of various pacts was not opposed to China, but through them Pakistan sought economic assistance and security against Indian aggression.
In To cage the red dragon, Fenton explores one of those 'blindspots'--the South East Asian Treaty Organisation (SEATO).
(21) Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO) Graduate School of Engineering is now known as the Asian Institute of Technology.
At a preparatory meeting among the Bandung Conference's five sponsors (i.e., India, Indonesia, Ceylon, Pakistan, and Burma) in Bogor, Nehru pointed out how SEATO brought about "quite a new conception" because, unlike North Atlantic Treaty Organization, "members of this organization are not only responsible for their own defense but also for that of areas they may designate outside of it if they so agree, this would mean creating a new form of spheres of influence." Nehru contrasted it with the 1954 Geneva Agreement on Indo-China, which had stipulated that "no outside interference will be allowed in Indo-China." (15) While listening to the Political Committee's deliberations on 22 April 1955, Nehru jotted: "Intervention = Interference = Europe's conflicts and rivalries."
As the West wooed nations with a vengeance in the fifties we saw NATO, SEATO and similar power groups wielding influence.
The United States and Thailand are among the signatories of the 1954 Manila Pact of the former Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO).
Qantas had a very special circumstance with the 767 aircraft; it needed to compete on certain routes and it was important to their brand strategy to be able to say, Owe offer entertainment at every seatO, and then stream to those devices,O says James.
The British and American position was that Egypt could obtain arms only if it would join an anti-Soviet defence pact modeled along the lines of he North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) and the South-East Asia Treaty Organisation (SEATO).
Apart from the initial hostility due to Pakistan's entry into the western defence agreements, CENTO and SEATO, during President Ayub Khan's period, Pakistan sought to improve relations with the Soviet Union; trade and cultural exchanges between the two countries increased between 1966 and 1971.
To cage the red dragon; SEATO and the defence of Southeast Asia, 1955-1965.