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SEAgelSafe Emulsion Agar Gel (LLNL)
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publication, Seagel confirmed that the harassment started last summer and went on for approximately three months.
Seagel's other attorney Suann MacIsaac shared, "Amanda Segel was the victim of sexual harassment by Bob Weinstein.
To make SEAgel packing, we have to harvest kelp where sea otters feed and fish breed.
Produced from a natural material - seaweed - with a simpler technology than the light-as-air aerogels (SN: 5/5/90, p.287), SEAgel is 10 percent lighter than either air or aerogels.
He freezes and then freeze-dries the gel to make SEAgel's final gossamer form.
Silica, carbon, and alumina have been the prime sources of manufacturing aerogel where others (polymer, chalcogels, and seagels) are scarcely being used.