SEBACState Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition
SEBACSmall Environmental Business Action Coalition (Washington, DC)
SEBACSystem Employee Benefits Advisory Committee (Texas A&M University)
SEBACSchool Employees Benefits Advisory Council (Fairfax, VA)
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The recently approved SEBAC agreement increases employee pension contributions for all existing SERS members, revises the COLA formula and timing for post-2022 SERS retirees, and creates a new hybrid defined benefit/defined contribution retirement tier for all new SERS employees.
Notable policy actions in the enacted budget include personnel savings under the new SEBAC agreement for wages, pension, healthcare and OPEB, a suspension of sales tax revenue sharing with municipalities which is replaced by direct grants from the general fund, an increase in cigarette taxes, and an increase in the hospital provider tax to leverage additional federal Medicaid reimbursement that requires the pending assent of the federal government.
introducidos], valor menor a los registrados en el SEBAC desarrollados por Chynoweth et al.