SEBHISchool Enrollment-Based Health Insurance
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SEBHI efforts such as Florida's Healthy Kids Program, Arkansas' Delta Health Insurance Initiative, New Hampshire Healthy Kids, and Texas Healthy Kids provided solid models that influenced the design of SCHIP as part of President Clinton's KiddieCare proposal to Congress.[2] This paper describes the current status of the SCHIP program nationwide, describes roles that SEBHI programs play in Florida, New Hampshire, and Texas, and summarizes lessons SEBHI programs can offer SCHIP as states work toward full implementation.
In-state components of Phase I include MediKids (a Medicaid look-alike program for children from birth to age 5); Florida Healthy Kids (the original public-private funded SEBHI effort for children ages 5 through 18); the Children's Medical Services (CMS) Network for special-needs clients from birth to age 18; and Medicaid (children under age 19).
The state's formalized SEBHI program -- Texas Healthy Kids -- was organized from its inception as a privatized effort, although start-up funds and anticipated future contracts are of public origin.
Schools continue to represent central outreach sites for ongoing SEBHI programs in Texas, Florida, and New Hampshire, despite the fact that these programs are now included within the new SCHIP mandate.