SEBLSiebel Systems, Inc. (stock abbreviation, AMEX)
SEBLSelf-Emptying Blind Loop
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Joining hands with SEBL will not only propel our growth in this important market, but will better enable us to meet the growing consumer demand for money transfers to Bangladesh,' said Harsh Lambah, senior regional director of South Asia for MoneyGram.
Murshid Kuli Khan, senior consultant at SEBL, said, 'Our customers' needs come first, and our agreement with MoneyGram will bring added convenience to those whom we serve to offer reliable and affordable money transfer services.
Today, SEBL finds itself on our most-active options list thanks to heavy activity on its August 10 call (SGQ HB) and its July 10 call (SGQ GB).
While SEBL is the darling of the options pits, it is not quite the apple of the analysts' eyes.
Currently, the only trendline that SEBL is outperforming is its 10-day moving average.
The Street's love with SEBL combines with the sultan of software's lackluster performance to result in a Schaeffer's Equity Scorecard ranking of 3.
Also fueling the rise for SEBL was a Morgan Stanley report that mentioned Siebel's software's possible role in new border security measures.